Review: Nightborn by Lynn Viehl

Nightborn by Lynn Viehl (Lords of The Darkyn #1)


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The High Lord of the Immortal Darkyn has sent his most trusted warrior, Korvel, to retrieve a coveted scroll that's rumored to contain maps to Templar treasures and the secrets to eternal life. Uniting with Korvel to recover the dangerous artifact is Simone Derien, the daughter of the scroll's guardian, and a woman with many deadly secrets...

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First of all, the cover is pretty horrible! This is not Korvel. I imagine him more like this...
I understand the reason for copper coloured hair, but he is frigging blond! Ugh. 

Secondly, I am very surprised this book is marketed as a new series when it can easily be the continuation of Lynn's successful Darkyn series.

OK,  my little rant out of the way, I actually really love Lynn Viehl. You might have noticed that I don't read many paranormal romances unless they are crossovers with urban fantasy, and it's just the case with the world of Darkyn.

Lynn usually combines gorgeous world building, dark fantasy, plenty of action and very much kick-ass heroes and heroines. I wouldn't recommend Nightborn to someone who is not familiar with Lynn's work, because they would miss out too many details which otherwise are quite clear to those who read this author's work continuously.

If you take work of Lara Adrian for example (I have a huge grudge against her, sorry), her women no matter how talented and independent they are in the beginning always end up barefoot and pregnant. In Lynn's world they are fierce and fiercely independent. Their men pretty much have to adapt to their world not the opposite - they are cops, surgeons, thieves, knights, FBI agents, assassins, etc. and they don't change themselves to suit the world they are drawn into. I think this is one of the main reasons I love Lynn so much.

What happens in Nightborn is that Korvel, loyal servant of Richard is sent on a wild chase to France to get the artifact which can make a human immortal. There are other forces who try to get the artifact as well. 

Simone who lives a quiet life in a nunnery is in fact a guardian of the artifact and an enormously skilled assassin. When what she guards is stolen she and Korvel both go to get it with different goals in mind. There is plenty of action, tortured past and deeply hidden secrets, there are also quite a few twists which change your perspective on what is happening.

I wasn't a fan of the love story, it was way too awkward for my liking, however my favourite of this series, Alexandra, makes a cameo appearance, which made me forgive any drawbacks this book night have and just enjoy the drama. Simone also simply rocks. She is way ahead of Korvel most of the time, and it's her who makes things happen *grinning*

Overall, I highly recommend Lynn Viehl's work in general, especially her awesome kick-ass heroines. I think this mix of urban fantasy and paranormal romance will be appreciated by fans of both genres, especially by those who love J.R.Ward, Lara Adrian and D.B.Reynolds.

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Любовная история вышла не самой удачной из всех книг, зато построение мира и экшн рулят как обычно у Линн Вьел. 

Корвел только и успевал мотаться за Симон, ассассином и хранителем артифакта, за которым его послал Ричард, а наша девушка вертела сюжет вокруг своих талантливых и убийственных пальцев.

Как обычно сюжет интересный и даже под конец не совсем понятно что собственно говоря случилось. Моя любимая Александра показывается ненадолго, а Ричард снова остаётся не у дел.
В общем, классическая Линн Вьел, за что платили, то и получаем, люблю и уважаю.


  1. Уууу, ревью на англицком более содержательное)))
    Карина, а для первого знакомства с этим автором какую книгу посоветуешь? Правда, ни Уорд, ни Адриан у меня не пошли, а до Рейнолдс я всё никак не доберусь %)))

  2. If Angels Burn - первая книга серии, посмотри как тебе она придётся, по душе или нет.
    Вечная проблема с ревью на двух языках, когда дописываешь одно на английском, на русский сил уже не остаётся :)))

  3. Пасиба! Пошукаю горящих ангелов)))


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