The Thing About Wolves, An Interview and Giveaway with Leigh Evans!

Hi, Leigh! Thank you for being a guest here on my blog. Please make yourself comfortable for the interrogation... ehh... interview!

I’m thrilled to be here. Thanks for the invite!
In one sentence, what your books are about?

The Mystwalker series is very much the coming of age story of Hedi Peacock, half-Fae, half-Were—a 22 year old Canadian barista facing a destiny she wishes she could ignore.

What kind of reader do you think would be interested in Mystwalker series?

Someone who appreciates any of the following: a unique spin on fairies and werewolves; a character in obvious need of reformation; a winning romance with a hot, hot, guy; and/or amulets with attitudes. Readers who enjoy Patricia Briggs might like these stories.

What or shall I say who is behind your inspiration to write in urban fantasy genre?

The hazy idea that I could write a fantasy novel occurred to me while I was reading the second Sookie Stackhouse book—so I’d definitely say I was inspired by Charlaine Harris.

"A vampire, a werewolf and a fae walk into a bar..." how would Hedi finish this joke?

Long pause. “Crap, I forgot the punch line.”

At last, what are your plans for the future books in this series and beyond?

I have the early 2014 release of the third book
in the Mystwalker series to look forward to—Hedi steps up big time in PROBLEMS' action driven story! As well, I’m dying to start the fourth and final novel. I can see some scenes so clearly that I’m itching to put them down into words. After all the strife and heartbreak I’ve leveled at Hedi, it would be great to finish this fairy tale with my version of a happily ever after.

Beyond that, I’m going to take a short break and then consider whether I’m prepared to write Lexi’s story. I had such a fun idea for him...which I know that he’d absolutely loathe (then love)...which makes writing such a yarn darn near irresistible.

Thank you very much for being my guest, Leigh, and best of luck in your writing career!

 I was born in Montreal, Quebec but now live in Southern Ontario with my husband. I’ve raised two kids, mothered three dogs, and herded a few cats. Other than that, my life was fairly routine until I hit the age of 50. Some women get tattoos. I decided to write a book. A little tardy, but then again, Mum always said I was a late bloomer.

Find Leigh:

Hedi looks normal. Yet that's taken effort. Her fellow Starbucks baristas don't see her pointed ears, fae amulet or her dark past, and normal is hard for a half-fae, half-werewolf on the run. Hedi's life changed ten years ago, when her parents were murdered by unknown assassins. She's been in hiding with her loopy aunt Lou since, as whatever they wanted she's determined they won't get it. Things change when wolves capture Lou, forcing Hedi to steal to free her -- for if she can offer up a fae amulet like her own they may trade. But it belongs to a rogue werewolf named Robson Trowbridge, who betrayed Hedi on the night of her greatest need. Over forty-eight hours, Hedi will face the weres of Creemore, discover the extent of her fae powers and possibly break her own heart in the process.

Being put in charge of a werewolf pack might be someone’s dream, but it’s Hedi’s nightmare. Hints that it’s not working out include the Creemore wolves wanting her blood. And the Council of Weres wanting her dead…

Then all Hedi's wishes are granted. Robson Trowbridge, pack leader, returns – and her love isn't alone. He's found her missing twin brother, Lexi, among the fae. With this double helping of wonderful, things should’ve been all sunshine and flowers, but the fae lands have changed both men. Hedi’s brother is dying of an addiction, and her relationship with Robson may not survive the forces pushing them apart. To combat the darkness ahead, Hedi must face her dangerous were/fae heritage – and accept the consequences.

 ONE winner will get ONE paperback in Mystwalker series.
The contest is open WORLDWIDE thanks to generosity of Pan Macmillan UK
and ends on August 3rd 2013.
Good luck!

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  1. Phwoar! Sorry got distracted by Alcide...this is definitely a series I want to try.

  2. thanks for the nice interview and giveaway. I"m curious to read book 3!

  3. Ohh international :D Thank you Pan M

  4. I am going to look for this series! Definitely a series I want to try out. Thanks for the interview and giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  5. I love this series. Hedi's snark and wit are great and I love that it has such dark and emotional elements to it.

  6. I really like the UK covers of this series and I'm always open to UF series! I have the first book but really need to start it!


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