The Postman Knock #38

Hello, me dears!
How are you enjoying this beautiful summer?

I had a lovely reading week, no DNFs and almost nothing read with lower than 4 star rating :) Wishing you the same!

I've READ:

HUNTED was a novella in a paranormal series which I absolutely adore, so despite my dislike of novellas I couldn't resist it. THE WEIGHT OF SOULS just proved again why I love Bryony Pearce's writing. She is a fantastic, engaging author, who writes about admirable strong heroes and heroines. FOREVER MINE was the only 3 star rating in my list. It doesn't mean that this book is bad, it just means it was way too sugary sweet for my taste :) THE HEIRESS EFFECT was undeniably one of the best books that I've read this year, and the strongest book Courtney Milan has written so far. Her novels are really emotional, smart and stunning, and I would recommend them to just about anyone. Loved it! HER LADYSHIP'S CURSE and HIS LORDSHIP POSSESSED were in essence one book split in two parts so I'll be reviewing them together. This was a brilliant steampunk romp with a very cheeky main heroine. I enjoyed it immensely. MARKING TIME was a great time travel YA paranormal. Absolutely fab, peeps. Great world-building and a very strong main heroine.


Apart from Vortex and Siege & Storm all are ebooks. These two were free from Newbooks magazine and all I paid was £6 for postage. Thanks, Ellie, for reminding me about this amazing deal! :)


Completely unexpected but my review request from March this year for The Bone Season was accepted after I gave up hoping for some answer, plus I couldn't resist requesting St. Croix Chronicles novella from Karina Cooper. Thank you, Bloomsbury UK and Carina Press!

This is it, peeps! Here is some music and happy Sunday!


  1. Wow, no DNFs, 4 stars and lots of lovely books. Excellent week!

    I haven't bought Hunted yet but soon...:)

    I hope this week is as good as last week.

  2. That's a great reading week! It's always nice when every book you're reading is a good one!
    My request for Bone Season hasn't been answered yet either - I figured they had enough people already - glad you were accepted...I might just check Netgalley again for my own request! :-)

  3. Ooo I did not know those new Lynn Viehl stories were out yet! I want them both! Going to look for them ...

  4. This post has just reminded me I've got lots to get caught upon. I LOVED The Weight of Souls (so good to see us agreeing on something again;)) and I must send Bryony some questions. I will ahve to check out her other books. And I've had The Bone Season for months, it's out soon isn't it? There are so many books I've thought 've got ages it's not out til it's nearly August! *flails*

  5. i'm tempted by the weight of souls

    i'm happy you had such a good week!

  6. Great haul, I know the feeling about waiting so long on netgalley, I've had tat happen recently, waiting forever then suddenly getting lots accepted.

    Enjoy all your books

    Take a look at my haul

  7. I'm happy for Lynn Viehl, I need to read them! Happy reading!

  8. Bea, Hunted was lovely, and I don't enjoy novellas usually, but I can't resist a bit of Cyn and Raphael :)

    Mel, I've waited almost 4 months, so maybe it will take them that long to accept yours! :)

    Thanks Blodeuedd, same to you!

    Aurian, they are not out yet, but one will be out mid August, another mid October.

    Ellie, most of my books are review copies for August so I'm flailing too :)

    Miki, it was very good, so hope you read it!

    Michelle, it's pretty bizarre when they forget about your requests for months :)

    D., it was very good, so I hope you read them too!

  9. Ooh nice haul! These are new to me! Hope you enjoy them all!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  10. Nice. I can tell you that the Bone Season is really good as I'm reading it now. It's really hard to put down and I hope you enjoy your new goodies. Come visit me here:


  11. I will be starting to read Bone Season soon and cannot wait..awesome haul my friend!


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