Romantic YA Fantasy Chinese Drama Review: I've Fallen For You (2020)


I've Fallen For You (2020)

24 episodes, watched on Viki

Synopsis from MyDramaList

A story that follows the quirky female investigator Tian San Qi as she searches for her long lost 'brother' and cracks many cases along the way.

Growing up, Tian San Qi had a strange liking for performing autopsies. She had an older 'brother' who would always be by her side and they spent many good years together. One day, he mysteriously disappears. San Qi as a child promises to find her true love and vows never to marry unless it's him.

In her search, she comes across many potential candidates and forms new friendships. The gang accidentally becomes involved in several cases in the area one of which seems closely related to the disappearance of her 'brother' all those years ago. A shocking conspiracy that is 10 years in the making comes to light.

~~ Adapted from the web novel "Jin Xin Ji" (锦心记) by Han Xue Fei (韩雪霏). 


* * *

Straight away I just wanted to clarify the synopsis: "brother" here is Chinese gege/older brother which can mean both your actual older brother or an older than you male you are familiar with. Same as you would be able to call an older girl -jiejie (older sister) or an older woman who is not your mom - ayi (aunty). 

This is a very cute and engaging drama despite its silly light heartedness, and the characters are very young. I can't quite pinpoint what exactly snared me in I've Fallen For You

It had Esther Yu whom I love since her performance in Love Between Fairy and Devil, and she is a very, very interesting actress. She is able to pull off cutest silliest pouts with great charm in her tinny tiny voice but at the same time give an impression that this is just a mask she adopted and make her moments of brilliant intelligence and sorrowful wise stares absolutely believable.

Liu Yi Chang who plays the male character, Zhao Cuo, is adorable as well. Grumpy, rough around the edges, abrasive, throwing money around and standoffish, he is actually covering his kind and trusting nature with this behaviour like a hedgehog with its needles to protect himself from getting hurt. You really feel his tentative pure nature straight away, and because he also doesn't bother to mince words, most people find him too rude and turn away until San Qi (FL) convinced that he is her long lost childhood sweetheart bulldozes him over. 

That poor boy has no chance to withstand against her, and they go through all the phases of good relationship: partnership where they gain mutual respect for each other's abilities (she is great at solving cases, he is a brilliant martial artist), friendship (when they develop an easy camaraderie to each other), and at last, love.

The way Zhao Cuo shows his love for San Qi is especially adorable. There is a scene where she decides to leave him for another guy who she thinks is her real childhood sweetheart, and Cuo after battling his inner demons for awhile accepts it to make her happy and on the day of her departure spends all morning buying her favourite foods for the road and running after the carriage. After she takes the food and drives off he just dissolves into an ugly cry right in the middle of the road. Not a pretty staged "artful tear sliding down my cheek" sort of cry, but proper ugly, suffocating, can't breathe from heartbreak cry. That really touched me.

There were quite a few moments like this, and I surprised myself really enjoying this drama. The soundtrack was a surprise too, it was more a kdrama type, rather than typical Chinese fantasy drama OST.

Overall, despite the strong comedy vibe, this was not only an entertaining but touching and adorable short drama. Recommended!


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