UK and International Book Deals of The Week

Amazon UK K £1.99/US K $2.99

TBD (with current 10% OFF) UK P £3.34/US P $5.40

Amazon UK K £2.70/US K $5.00
If you are in UK the whole trilogy can be bought for £4.99 from The Book People.

TBD (with 10% OFF) UK P £3.59/US P $5.76
The Book People UK H £4.99

Amazon UK P £3.92

 Amazon UK K £3.99/UK P £4.19

Amazon UK K £3.99/TBD UK P £4.72

Abbreviations: TBD - The Book Depository, K - kindle, P - paperback, H - hardback.
NB: The Book People deliver for a set charge of about £1.50. All the prices are correct at the time of posting.



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