10 Must See Movies for the Geek in You: a guest post by Cindy C Bennett + GIVEAWAY!

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When I read Cindy's fabulous Geek Girl (my review is here) I instantly had this idea for a guest post which totally discusses all the awesome movies mentioned in this book. What can I say? I'm a geek at heart.

Cindy graciously agreed and compiled this absolutely glorious list of  
10 Must See Movies for the Geek in You

So keep reading and then answer a question for a chance to win your own copy of Geek Girl!

1.       Star Wars (all 6 episodes)
    This one seems a given, right? A movie series that has spanned 35 years, and spawned
   everything from multi-?? merchandise like toys and t-shirts to spin-off cartoons to a religion has
   to be the top geek-cred movie ever made

    Legos has even made a few bucks from the frenzy not only from their toys, but from the Legos
   Wars as well. Legos has an actual Legos Star Wars website. 

   Remember the Star Wars Concert Tour? Folks paid hundreds of dollars to watch a live orchestra
    (which would be very cool) to play songs from the movies while showing clips. Granted there was
a memorabilia display that went along with it. 

Luke, I am your father,” has to be one of the most quoted geek lines (and usually in not-so-funny

Five year olds today love the movies as much as their dads and grandpas. In the history of man, has there ever been a movie more fervently loved and discussed that the Star Wars series?

2. Star Trek 

Star Trek may not be quite as overwhelmingly invasive as Star Wars, but it cannot be dismissed as one of the icons of geekdom. Trekkies, anyone? 

From the original series, which produced four additional series and an animated series, as well as eleven (count ‘em: 11!) movies, including the most recent release which brought all the young geeks who might be allowing Star Trek to slip from the consciousness back into the fold.

Many geeks feel they must choose one or the other of these two series, but for this geek, I’ve got room in my heart for both.
Those both seem obvious, so now I’m going to tell you the next 8 movies on my essential geek movie list, some of which may seem surprising.

3. The Island 

An underrated, underappreciated sci-fi movie in my opinion. 

   This dystopian storyline gives us Lincoln Six Echo, a man living in a Utopian-seeming society, who feels the stirrings of unrest, the feeling that all is not well in Denmark.

  He discovers that his instincts are right, and escapes with Jordan Two Delta—the female clone who he loves illicitly—only to discover that they are clones, created for the purpose of providing body parts for their “sponsors,” the wealthy people who’ve had them created. And that is all the info any true geek would need to be stoked about this movie. 

Add to that the fact that it’s directed by Michael Bay who manages to create some of the best chase-and-then-blow-‘em-up scenes ever, and what more can any geek ask for in a movie?

4. Eragon
Granted, the movie is not the best adaption of a book ever created, but it is not without its charms. 

Edward Speleers did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of Eragon, from his sense of innocent wonder to becoming a fierce warrior. Here you have a movie with a farm-boy-turned-warrior, a dragon, elves, dwarves, fairies, an evil King, a backstory involving corrupt dudes called The Forsworn, and creepy supernatural beings (Ra’zacs and Shades). 

I thought the movie was well done, particularly the depiction of Saphira. I’m genuinely surprised it didn’t do better in the theaters.


5. Superman 

Any of the films excepting maybe Superman III.

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane…”  Superman first appeared on the scene in 1938 in comics, making blue spandex and red undies manly. 

   He didn’t show up on the small screen until 1951 and the big screen in 1978 in the flawless form of Christopher Reeve.

What geek doesn’t aspire to fly, withstand bullets, run faster than the eye can see, and have unlimited strength? Of course he has to have his weakness, Kryptonite, because any true geek knows that all superheroes have a weakness of some kind. 

 Superman is an eternal icon that will never grow old, and the movies are essential viewing for a well-rounded geek experience.

6. Waterworld 

    Yup, I said Waterworld. 

  This is another underappreciated film, set in a post-apocalyptic world where global warming has finally come true and flooded the earth.

  The few remaining survivors have had to adapt—some of them physically, as in the case of the Mariner who has developed webbed feet and gills. 

  “Dirt-cheap” no longer has meaning as dirt is the most valuable commodity on this land of water. People have become hard and mostly unfeeling, watching out for number one; survival is the name of the game. 

The movie is the story of finding humanity once again, and finding dry land where a small group of survivors can repopulate the earth. 

Any movie with Kevin Costner as the tough guy, and Dennis Hopper as the corny-joke spouting bad guy can’t be all wrong. 

I don’t know any geeks who don’t love to imagine the post-apocalyptic world. This movie just gives it to us in techni-color—and gives us the amazing live show of it at Universal Studios.

7. The Terminator 

       There hadn’t been anything like the Terminator before its appearance on the big screen in 1984—a homicidal robot who looks like a former Mr. Olympia, and AI whose aim is to wipe out mankind. 

 There had been other films with similar ideas, of course, but this one took it to a violent new level, and gave us the overused but always appropriate phrase, “I’ll be back.” 

 Excepting the horrible mistake that was T3 (what is it with the third films? We should just skip them altogether), The Terminator series is a rocking, rolling, non-stop geek delight

When you add the excellent but cancelled far too soon series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to the mix you have a near perfect concoction of geek thrills.

8. Minority Report 

     Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick (yes, that Philip K. Dick), this futuristic thriller gives us a big “what if.” 

   What if we thought we’d come up with technology that would tell us about crimes before they happened, so that we could stop the criminal, prosecute him on the possibility of the crime, and put him away, thereby stopping all crime? What if it were fallible, and one of the most law-abiding, law-enforcing men were accused?

   Okay, if you don’t find that a total geek premise, then you have no idea what a geek is all about.  

When you have a movie with car chases that go up the sides of buildings, and humanoid-type things that are kept against their will soaking in water to “foresee” the future, and the theme of what free will really means, you’ve got a geeks dream movie.


9. Pretty in Pink 

       Another strange choice, I know, and a departure from all of the previous action films on my list. And honestly, you can swap this one with any Molly Ringwald movie from the eighties: Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club

These movies put girl geeks firmly into the realm of cool, where they were desired and fought over by the much desired, popular jock. 

 Molly Ringwald was the poster girl for geek girls everywhere who drooled over and longed for the school hunk (yes, hunk!) to not only notice her, but to fall head over heels for her and take her to the prom, all the while allowing her to retain her quirky individuality. After, that’s why he fell for her in the first place.


10.       All the rest 
  (okay, these aren’t all of the rest of the essential geek movies, but 
it’s at least a good portion of them and ones I prefer): 
The Lord of the Rings (all versions), 
The Matrix (all), 
The Body Snatchers (1955 version), 
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951 version), 
War of the Worlds (either version), 
Legend (1985),
I am Legend
The Outsiders
War Games,
Planet of the Apes (any, excluding the Mark Wahlberg version), 
Alien (all),
Space Balls, 
A Clockwork Orange, 
The Fly (either 1958 or 1986 version, but not The Fly II),
Starship Troopers (though I prefer the cartoon series to the movies),
any superhero movie (of which we are being blissfully overrun this year and 
for the next couple of years), 
Harry Potter (all, particularly 1 and 7 part II), 
Pirates of the Caribbean (all),
Transformers (particularly the first one), 
Eagle Eye,
Shutter Island,
The Black Hole,
Napoleon Dynamite, 
Revenge of the Nerds,
Back to the Future, 
Total Recall, 
The Last Starfighter, 

and anything else that gets your geek pulse pounding.

I will say that the movie industry has been good to the geek community, but that may be because who else will camp out for weeks to get in line for tickets, and spend hundreds of dollars on merchandise from said movie as an adult? 

Even if you’re not a geek, there’s a good chance that you will find yourself enjoying any number of “geek” movies. So, off to Netflix, Redbox, or Amazon you go to watch any of these amazing movies and up your geek quotient (and your geek cred) proportionally. 
Happy viewing!
What an amazing list! Thanks so much, Cindy! I'm for one going to watch Pretty in Pink. I've never heard of this movie!

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P.S. just because I couldn't resist here is my addition to the list :)
No need to explain, I hope, why this is so perfect for the geek in you? The gadgets, the plot, the soundtrack. Pure perfection.

This one is old but classic. Love it!


  1. Thanks, Karina, for allowing me to guest on your blog. I had so much fun writing this particular post you can't even imagine. :o) I look forward to seeing what your followers like for getting their own geek fill.

  2. Oh, it was a pleasure, Cindy! Thank you for writing it! I don't know how you managed to resist adding more movies to this list :)) There are so many!

  3. Ooo, I'd have to add the first two Scream films to the list. They were the first to embrace geek references within a film and play with expectations! :-) And X-Men - although that would be covered in superheo filsm I suppose...

    Not sure I agree with all the list but did you notice certains actors seem to re-occur on the list! Ewan & Keanu...?

    Mel S

  4. Good point, Mel! :) I think Ewan and Keanu play hot geeks really well though, so I rather have them than Tom Cruise :) As for Scream, I prefer Scary Movie which makes fun of many of the films mentioned here. I thought it was hilarious.

  5. +1 GFC Mary DeBorde [M.A.D.]
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

    Minority Report is one of my favorites - great list!! I was going to say I Am Legend but then saw that you'd already added it lol

    Personally, I LOVED A.I. - it had everything, from coolio geeky gadgetry to steampunk-styled creations to a heartbreaking conclusion. It's a freaking looooooooooong movie, but well worth the view :D

  6. I've never seen A.I., Mary! *adding it to my list* Great choice!

  7. I can't wait to read this book! As for pure geekiness, I nominate anything by Terry Gilliam, but especially Brazil as it is the original geek vs the world movie. Then I will add the little know 8th Doctor movie: Doctor Who the Movie. This was this guys only chance to be the Doctor and Eric Roberts ruins it for him.
    Sidenote: not sure I remember AI being steampunk....but whatever.
    New follower: GFC as Kristie

  8. I like the selection of the movies you pick but I don't like Star Wars Ep. 1-3, they are just too complicated and overused of CG. Star Wars 4-6, excellent. Minority Report is awesome as well.

    I would add the Scott Pilgrim film and The Walking Dead Series. They are awesome.

    GFC: Isolabella
    thenarcissuslibrary at gmail dot cm

  9. I loved The Breakfast Club ^^ And i love the Big Bang Theory Series. Then there is Babylon 5 too.
    and don't forget Stargate and Stargate Atlantis!

    gfc: yto
    tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Yto77/status/136467165141417984

    witchvela at web dot de

  10. I already read Geek Girl, so I am not entering, but this is a great giveaway. It was a great read. Cindy writes the best guest posts. This is quite a list.

  11. Im a huge Eragon fan and I just anted to say that the movie didnt do well bc it totaly butchered the book. The movie left out very important characters that were part of the plot and the movie scrambled the story. Anyway if u havent read the books i think it could pass as an ok movie.
    Nk my favorite geeky movies are the Harry Potter series! XD
    And the Sailor Moon movies!
    GFC name: Samantha D

  12. Can't really add too much to this list, except that I liked the original Starwars releases, not the revised ones! GFC follower.
    Best wishes and thanks for a chance to win this fantabulous giveaway!

  13. I know you already listed it, but Napoleon Dynamite is by far my favorite geek movie!

    GFC Stephanie Parent

    thaliansmhc at yahoo dot com


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