Blood Rock by Anthony Francis review

Blood Rock by Anthony Francis (Skindancer #2)

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Dakota Frost is back, and the ink is about to hit the fan-again.

Graffiti comes to life in the dark heart of Atlanta’s oldest cemetery, slaying one of the city’s best loved vampires before the eyes of his friend Dakota Frost. Deadly magick is at work on the city’s walls, challenging even the amazing power of Dakota’s tattoos to contain it. The hungry, graffiti magick loves to kill, and the Edgeworld is no longer safe from its own kind.

Dakota begins a harrowing journey to save those she loves and to discover the truth behind the spreading graffiti-even if that truth offends the vampires, alienates the werekin and creates police suspicion of her every action.

Saving Atlanta may cost her everything, including custody of her “adopted” weretiger daughter, Cinnamon. But failure is not an option. If the graffiti isn’t stopped, Cinnamon could be the next victim.

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I've been a huge fan of Anthony Francis since Frost Moon came out and I even left a rare (for me) raving review on Amazon, so when I saw this book on Netgalley of course I grabbed it straight away.

Oh man, fantastic writing! Complicated to the point where I had to concentrate really hard to follow it, full of action and intricate details and teeming with fascinating characters. It's more of a sci-fi craze where the writing gets so mad you feel like you're tripping out. Only without spaceships and laser sables.

Speaking of the Devil, here is the author himself.

And that's what I'm talking about *grinning*.

Poor Dakota can't catch a break in this book. She is trying her best to be a mother to werekin and troubled teen Cinnamon, but then Atlanta gets besieged by evil graffiti which eats indiscriminately werekin, vamps and humans and starts magical fires. 

Who else but Atlanta's famous skindancer and magical tattooist is to help? Dakota tries her best to fight it and loses some of her friends and lovers on the way. Police suspects she is the arsonist, vampires order her to investigate and court threatens to take Cinnamon from her... 

The magical showdown in the end is spectacular, the relationship between Dakota and Cinnamon are very touching, her loss of friends and lovers is sad...

 Dakota is refreshingly straightforward and blunt, which usually gets her into trouble. Interestingly enough (and I pointed this out before with Broken by David H.Burton ) here is another sex scene written by a male author and again it's the man who is being seduced and the woman who is taking charge *grinning* Roles as we're used to them are completely reversed.

Overall, if you like mad writing of Carole Nelson Douglas you might like Anthony Francis. Both Frost Moon and Blood Rock are on Netgalley at the moment.

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Ну что поделать, мне нравится Энтони Франсис ещё с его первой книги.

Совершенно чумовая главная героиня, книга полная экшн и сумасшедших интриг, злодейского магического граффити, вампиров, у кооторых не все дома, ворчливых волшебников и интересных, сочных второстепенных героев.

Дакота - магический татуировщик, и когда Атланта заполняется магическими граффити, которые убивают шифтеров, вампиров и людей и оставляют после себя пожары, кому как не ей приходится это расследовать.

И Дакота полна решимости поймать злодея, так как граффити убивает ей друзей и любовников. Однако полиция смотрит на неё как на главного подозреваемого, вампиры давят на неё продолжать, а суд грозится ообрать у неё приёмную дочь - шифтера Синнамон.

Книга длинная, и очень многие детали на грани найчной фантастики и заставляют в напряжении морщить лоб. Я бы даже сказала, что книга перенасыщена деталями, однако прочитать ей все равно стоит.