The Postman Knock #30 or I Am Back!

Hello, peeps!
I'm back at last and trying to sort everything out - not enough time in the day.
How have you been?
I admit I didn't even look at my Google Reader or Twitter while I was away, it was a whirlwind.
Photos are not ready yet, because most of them were done by our friend Ben, who needs to send them to us first...

Thanks to all my friends for fantastic guest posts and reviews, I don't know what I would have done otherwise :) I'm in your debt, peeps.

Here is what I'VE READ:

10 books is pretty moderate, considering I had 3 weeks, right? In my defense I'll say that me and the hubby also watched 1st season of Supernatural :)
THE AGE OF ICE is a very long and pretty epic book about a man who lives through 3+ centuries, his  adventures, loss of everyone he loves and a truly fascinating retelling of major historical events. I really enjoyed this book. THE DEADLY SISTERHOOD disappointed me, mainly because it failed to create some sort of structure out of the lives described in it. It also failed to engage and was too chaotic for my liking. THE AGE OF MIRACLES is an amazing and very touching read. I'm glad Blodeuedd brought my attention to it. THE BOOK OF MADNESS AND CURES is lush, quirky read full of charming little details. If you are easily bored, this is not for you, but I loved it. A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL was way better than I expected, and I actually quite enjoyed its intense gripping plot. BLOOD AND SAND was pure guilty pleasure on my behalf, and of course I loved it. BORN OF ILLUSION is refreshing. I don't know about anyone else, but hours flew by when I was reading it. On the other hand, LEXICON like the previous book of Max Barry I've read, blew my mind. He gives you such massive food for thought, it's impossible not to love his writing. UGLIES was meh. I pretty much skimmed it, and I blame the oversaturation of the book market with exactly the same type of YA dystopia. At last, THE GATHERING DARK left me torn. I loved the world-building, but  disliked an unnecessary secondary love interest. Still, I'll be reading book #2 for sure.




This is it. 
Here is your complimentary music video as usual and have a lovely Sunday. Be good to each other.


  1. Really awesome haul. I tried so hard not to get books, but things happen you know. I have a terrible addiction to books as well. NG/EW are great for scoring review copies. Come visit me as well.


  2. I think 10 in 3 weeks is pretty decent. Did you have a good trip? Oh yeah, welcome back!!!! I missed you.

  3. Welcome back!! Missed seeing you around!

    Supernatural is completely my favourite TV Show so I will completely support any TV watching that involves Sam and Dean. :-)

    Forsaken By The Others is on my to read pile and I got Acid this week as well.

  4. Grace, I know how it is. Because of Netgalley and Edelweiss I hardly read the rest of my ebooks, which is tragic :(

    Bea, excellent trip! We did everything we planned to do, were very busy :)

    Mel, are we still up for joint reading starting Monday? LOL I'm ready :)

  5. 10books is great in my opinion after all you alsoe needed time for you

  6. Yay you are back :)

    And yay for vacation. I have 5 more weeks

  7. the jess haines book was really nice, I hope you'll like it too! Happy reading darling!

  8. Welcome back! *glomp* Missed you. :D

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Age of Miracles. I'll be reading it soon, I hope, for Vicky's Richard and Judy Summer challenge. And I also got Acid recently. Not from NetGalley, I was gifted a copy. <3 It looks amazing. Also: yay Supernatural! You got through the mostly formulaic season. :D Season 2 is a bit better but it was 3 that got me really hooked I believe!

  9. Aww, thanks, Miki! :)

    Blodeuedd, sit tight, and 5 weeks will fly by, sweetie! :)

    D., I can't wait to start reading it of course!

    Hannah, you'll like The Age of Miracles, and I'll hold you to that with season 3, so far it's very formulaic... :)

  10. If you meet Cas and still find it too formulaic then fair enough, but Cas makes everything better. ;)

  11. OOoh very nice! Read Forsaken by the Others not too long ago and it was amazing!!

    Also just read The Clockwork Scarab this week and it was freaking fantastic!! Hope you enjoy all your fabulous new reads!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  12. Now I'm really excited about the Clockwork Scarab, Jessica! :) Thanks for the tip *wink*

  13. Welcome back! Funny how three weeks can fly by when you are on vacation huh? I think that 10 books is an amazing feat! So many other things to do on time off, though good for you for not checking Google reader and Twitter!

    The cover of Acid looks good, I have to go check that book out!

  14. Lexi, thanks! :))) I'm keeping fingers crossed for Acid! It's a British dystopia, and usually they are pretty good, but this one sounds very much like Slated by Teri Terry. Really hope to enjoy it.

  15. What a great haul! So many goodies. I have Acid and The She-Hulk Diaries as well, looking forward to both of them.
    Welcome back!

    My books

  16. Thanks, Ula! :) I'm really tempted to start the She-Hulk Diaries straight away because I know how funny Marta can be! :)

  17. I thought you'd been quiet! Actually, I think when I have a long time off work, I don're read a huge amount more than normal because I can't spend that much time reading non-stop.

    I'm on the fence with The Gathering Dark, loved the potential of the world but felt too short. I'll be giving the second book a chance though.

  18. Ellie, haha :)) I was on glorious sunshiny holiday... Agree completely on The Gathering Dark, and will be reading book#2 to see where it all ends.

  19. Welcome back! Hope you had a fabulous vacation! :)

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Blood & Sand - I loved it. Still thinking on whether to read or not the Gathering Dark, although here it's called Shadow & Bone, I believe.

    Great haul overall, will be checking some of these reads out. Thanks for awesome ideas as always! :)

  20. I loved it too, Vika! Shadow and Bone was alright, I mostly loved the world-building, and not the rest. So if you can have it from the library, - do it. :)

  21. I love Supernatural and fyi Dean is mine! Glad you are back and you did great on the reading. Glad you and the hubs had fun! Sweet haul I am looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts! The Sunday Post

  22. I love the books from Michelle Diener (and aren't those covers pretty?) Acid sounds great! Happy reading.

     Showcase - Mel@thedailyprophecy.

  23. I just love Michelle's writing, Mel! She just really suits me as an author.

  24. Kimba, can I have just a tiny piece of him, pretty please?! Sam is too puppy eyed for my liking :)

  25. You were busy reading! I don't get much in the way of reading when I'm away. Hope you had a great time. :) Take care!


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