The Postman Knock #79

Hello, peeps!
We had another fabulous at our quinta despite me pulling a muscle in my leg and Alex suffering from chronic back ache. Who cares? Sun is shining, all the veg and fruit growing and we even saw our first firefly in years. *happy dance*
Hope your week was good too.

I've READ:

BEND was a pretty shite anthology apart from CD Reiss's story which is why I bought this in the first place, and Alessandra Torre's story. I'll be on the look out for this author. PICTURE PERFECT was a DNF. A freebie on kindle, it was telling the story of a girl who went from a model size two to size twelve due to injury. She was whining so much about it, I stopped reading it in the end. At last, INTERVIEW WITH A MASTER was an impulse buy due to an intriguing review, but I had to DNF it as well. Really simplistic, slightly condescending style of writing, and I grew bored. I think it's not a good idea to mix other BDSM stories while I'm still re-reading Tiffany Reisz - comparing to her writing everything else seems shoddy and poorly written :)


Thanks to the publishers! I'm reading it now, Katiebabs said it's gonna be good :)


Picture Perfect was a freebie, so not actually bought :)


Amy Pope, the winner for Penny Reid's swag hasn't replied to me, so I'll be choosing a new winner unfortunately. Sorry, Amy!

Has anyone else got very excited about Constantine trailer? I did.

Looks awesome, peeps.

This is it for me, have a fab weekend, tchau!

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