The Postman Knock #75

photo credit: chicks57 via photopin cc

HAPPY EASTER, everyone!
Personally, I'm here for the cake. We also have egg hunts on regular basis as our chickens hide them all over the places :)

Lovely week with lots of people coming for our BBQ! Wow, I was so knackered afterwards I took a day off :) How was your week, peeps?

I've READ:

MAGIC BREAKS was absolutely awesome! In fact, I was ever so lucky in reading only excellent books this week. The list also included MURDER IN RETRIBUTION which will have a nice dark surprise for all the fans of Acton, and ONE KICK, which was a chilling, high-octane thriller. At last, SERAPHINA was a very beautiful read, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Yay, I am clear of all my review books, peeps! Such a cool feeling of freedom :) I actually don't know what to read next!


This is it for me this week, guys. Have a great weekend and enjoy good weather!