The Postman Knock #65 and Welcome, Victoria, My New Co-Blogger!

I've been biting my tongue for two weeks, peeps, but at last I can share the news!
Victoria, whom you know from her Zemfirka Blogs agreed to join me here on Nocturnal Book Reviews!

Vika, huge, huge hugs and welcome!!!
We've already pre-scheduled a couple of joint reviews, which was great fun to write, and we also have very similar taste in books, but I'm feeling I'm starting blabbering here, so I'll let Vika tell you about it all herself.


Oh… because I'm an even bigger blabbermouth *lol*? In any case, thank you so much for such a warm welcome Karina!

I've been having a hard time keeping the news under wraps myself and I’m glad we can finally share it with everyone.

I've been following NBR for quite some time now and I absolutely adore it - it is one of the few blogs I check every day. So truly, I'm quite honored to be a part of it. I’m going to skip my extended bio (which you can now find under About Us section of the blog) and blogging history but if you are curious you can still visit my blog – Zemfirka Blogs, which will remain open and might get occasional updates and posts.

 But starting this February my reviews will appear here on NBR, as well as joint reviews that Karina and I had a blast writing (and I’m looking forward to many more of those too!). So let’s get to it guys! *Squee!*


Consequently, our review policy and contact info got amended, but the structure of this blog hasn't changed. We still will be posting 3 reviews a week plus The Postman Knock but this arrangement will let us both have more free time to ourselves. :)
I am very happy and honored that Victoria decided to join me!


 I don't know why it took me so long to read SHADOWS OF ASPHODEL, because it was fantastic! Reminded me a bit of Melanie Card's fantasy series because it involves a necromancer and a mercenary, and that tandem seems to be working very well. RAW, on the other hand, was revolting. No redeeming qualities whatsoever and one of the worst books I've read in ages. I'm contemplating a DNF review, and I don't write them usually.  At last, IN THE COMPANY of THIEVES was a pretty dry collection of short stories and left me disappointed. I'm not having a very good reading week, am I?


Had my eyes on these ones for ages and was keeping fingers crossed that I'd be accepted. Thank you, Strange Chemistry and Tor!


 Thank you, Elizabeth! I've been staying away from reading this novella chapter by chapter, and now I can read it whole :)


Squeeeee! I was re-organizing my Goodreads shelves and saw that this one was out, and I totally missed it. Of course I bought it straight away being a huge fan of the series! :)


  Well, I’ve given THE WINTER WITCH an unsuccessful try. I rarely DNF books (I’m too stubborn and always hope for the best) but the writing was just so dull and dry, I couldn’t bear it any longer. This one was a pass for me. On the other hand, TANGLED was an absolute delight and it lifted my spirits. I’ve also had a pleasure to read THE BRONZE BLADE, so a joint review from Karina and I is coming your way guys in a very near future!


Yeah… I think I will be giving these two a try. Keeping my fingers crossed.

*Squee!!!* I just can’t tell you how excited I am about this one. If you haven’t read Archetype yet (it’s out this week by the way) you are missing out. To fans of The Handmaid’s Tale, sci-fi, and dystopian lit recommended!

This is it for us, folks!
Happy Sunday!


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