Book Buying Ban week#2

Hello, me dears!
Hope you had a lovely week and read a lot of clever wonderful books!

My ban is still going well, although I seem to be buying other things instead of books

I've received 1 book reservation from my library which sets me back, but there was nothing I could do. They bought it because I requested it as the previous copy was stolen.

Here is my beauty!

I've also started a year project of losing weight and am feeling very good about it. It involves plenty of yoga and nice healthy food. Wish me luck as I need to shed 16 kg.

Here is what I've read:

Long Ride Home is a short story, so you hardly can count it.

Reading Highlights of The Week?
All three books were incredibly yummy and I recommend them to everyone!

Total score:
81 books left (12 for review)

How was you week, me dears?

P.S. Don't forget that there is only one week left to enter my 800 followers INT giveaway!


  1. Loosing weight ... you're not alone, my dear! I've been trying to get rid of the extra kilos since June and after loosing 4 pounds (within 4 weeks) and going to the spa for 4 days (the magic number, eh?) my weight was back up again which is pathetic. I mean, I survive on veggie soup and fruits, mostly, yet the scale still hates me, boohoo!!

  2. Thanks, roro! :)

    Birgit, as far as can see the problem is once you get over 30, your metabolism slows down to a crawl, so even if you eat healthily your body weight piles up. That's why I've started yoga. It increases your metabolism to a normal rate again. We'll see. So far I'm pleased with how I feel.

  3. Good luck with the weight loss - I can never seem to shift any myself!
    You seem to be doing better at the book ban than me! :-)

  4. Yeah, it's hard when books arrive at the library but at least you didn't buy it. You're making great progress with your reading!

    Good luck with your weight loss plan; I'm sure you can do it. Have you done yoga before?

  5. Thanks, Mel! The main incentive is the quicker I finish the quicker I can start requesting new books :)

    Bea, I have. I used to always do some sort of exercise, but I had 3 year gap this time and it's too much. My body doesn't like it.

  6. You can do it! You might have to ease back into it, but you'll get there. Walking is also good exercise. I want to try yoga, but I need a class, at least to start.

  7. You don't need to, Bea! I use youtube videos from a famous New York yoga instructor. Have a look here That way you don't have to embarrass yourself going to class and do it at your own pace.

  8. totally agree with you, these books are totally awesome! I'm currently reading the Ilona Andrews, love it!

  9. I NEED to read Gunmetal Magic, and Incarnation sounds like a great read.

    Good luck on your goal to lose weight, i really need to get my own butt into gear too.

    Thanks for stopping by my haul :)

  10. I could do with trying to rein in my eating...old age is fast on my heels! Though yesterday I thought I had realy put on loads of weight on my hips and turned out I've been bitten by something and it's all swelled least that will be easy to lose! ;)

  11. I've always want to try Yoga I might try out the link you gave. How awesome was Gunmetal Magic???? Ilona Andrews does it again!!!

  12. Melliane, awesome book isn't it?

    Michelle, you must! It was just as good as Kate and Curran's story. Incarnation is fantastic as well. Not a YA, quite Gothic and reminded me of Colleen Gleason's writing.

    Ellie, haha, That would be an easy solution :)

    Lesley, if you decide to try it only do what you can. She's got some fabulous 20-30 min workouts for weight loss. If you only can do 20% of it, it's fine. It will take time for your body to get stronger. Don't push yourself.

  13. I am reading Gunmetal this week and i can't wait :D
    And now Incar sounds so good too!

  14. i really want to read incarnation, it looks great. i hadn't seen the first book yet~

  15. yay, a weight loss buddy! Good luck :) The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences is on my TBR, so I'm curious to see how you will like it. Gunmetal Magic was awesome, have a great week... Book Savvy Babe

  16. love the cover of Phoenix Rising! Good luck with your goals to get fit. Congrats on staying strong and not buying books!

  17. Wow you've been busy! And so hope you enjoy Phoenix Rising. The duo is so much fun. :)

  18. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Incarnation, Karina! I'm excited it made your highlights list!

    And good luck witht your diet and exercise routine! I need to do the same. I only tried yoga once, and it didn't seem to be my thing at the time, but since then I have had two girlfriends get certified to teach it so I may have to try it again one of these days.

    Oh, and my body dislikes all forms of exercise. It would much rather lay on the couch reading and sipping a cool beverage:)

  19. Good luck, K! If anyone can do it, it's you.




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