The Postman Knock #110

What a week, ladies and gents!
Al dislocated his shoulder rolling on very hard snow while we were in the mountains, the breaks stopped working when we coming back down (luckily at the bottom of the mountain). We got baby keets (little guinea fowl), from which 3 died of hypothermia while one survived and doing well, and I caught a fox in the sheep's pen, which we couldn't bring ourselves to kill and had to let her go.
I also hosted a big party last night (blame Al, he can't stop inviting everyone while I'm happy with just 2 couples at a time) and am absolutely exhausted.
And how have you been?


In my defense, THE MIME ORDER was a very long read, but it was brilliant, and I loved it. Review will be coming on Monday.


I am ridiculously excited! Thanks to the publishers for approving my requests!


This was recommended by CD Reiss and might still be free on Amazon.

That's it, stay warm, safe and do not dislocate your shoulders or damage anything else in your body. It sucks for your partner who has to do your chores as well :) Just saying...

hugs xxx

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