The Postman Knock #102

Phew, busy, busy week!
 I caught a cold, but I am working hard on both planting (done) and my Blog Ahead challenge (in progress). For those of you who think I gave up on your blogs, I am working on my back log of commenting. It's insane how much time it takes! Even if I don't comment, please know that I am reading you and I'm with you in spirit *hugs*

I was craving something comforting as it's getting cold here, so I READ:

I love VAMPIRES IN AMERICA series by D.B. Reynolds so after Vincent I suddenly wanted a re-read and indulged myself with those three. I also read A CHARM OF MAGPIES series through my book guru's, Betsy, recommendations. So delicious! It's a m/m historical fantasy romance between a roguish lord who spent 20 years in China and a young but powerful magician in London. Really, really well done and very refreshing. At last, I finished THE ROSIE EFFECT and I'll talk about my contradictory feelings on this book next week.


Yay, my pre-order of latest Joanna Bourne arrived at my kindle unexpectedly early. Can't wait! She is an amazing author.

Plus Interlude with Tattoos from the same author was free on Smashwords!



Both books were highly anticipated releases of next year so I'm just super excited to read them!


Thank you, Penny for a wonderful surprise!

This is it for me, peeps! And how was your week?
Tchau, stay warm!