The Postman Knock #80

Oh, a week of rain here! So good for the plants and we had a week of rest as well. Consequently I read a lot more than before! Now we are back to being hot and sweaty... How was your week?

I've READ:

FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK was good, ladies and gents. Much more adult and mature than I thought it would be, which I'll talk about in my review. SOULBOUND disappointed me, to be honest. Nice writing, but so many glaring holes in the plot, it made me cringe. NEANDERTHAL MARRIES HUMAN was wonderful so much so, that I had tears in the end. At last, ENSLAVED BY THE OTHERS was an excellent urban fantasy. Glad, Haines's series stays strong!


Thank you, thank you, Penny! I was ecstatic to get this :)  And thanks to Cassie, I am very curious about her new series!


Still haven't read anything past first two novellas, but I will soon.

This is it for me, peeps. Hope you have lovely Sunday! Tchau!